Together we offer a unique, powerful and distinctive combination of capabilities that allows us to develop and deliver transformative strategies to our key industry sectors across specific geographies.


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We work with international and local law firms, global consultancies and leaders in the fields of feasibility, financial advisory and future planning.


The Regional Directors both have a background in law and strategy management and have gathered an important network of relationships spanning twenty years. These relationships have developed into Partnerships where collaboration of intelligence, resources and the fundamental principles of a project are aligned.



Qantara was established in 2016 but the roots of the organization date back to a time before the regions seismic expansion. Inspired by the opportunities and the economic growth fueled by liberalization and progressive leadership the firm has capitalized on its local heritage and international experience. The make-up of our client base continues to evolve as our presence expands. We serve clients across the region, including United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as South Africa, Europe and India.

The team has benefited from the visionary leadership of the UAE's past, thrived under the opportunities that it has delivered for the Region and remains enthusiastic about this dynamic next generation of thought leaders, disruptors and Rulers of State. Our mission is our commitment to helping our clients seek out opportunities and solve their toughest problems so they can thrive in an evolving world.


We work towards society driven initiatives that support and improve the lives of communities across the Middle East region by preserving culture, developing sustainable environments and working with partners and pioneers in the field of social development.

We believe in the importance of education and providing the right platforms for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and those looking for options in their future to become the champions of change.