We work with sports personalities, brands, events, Federations, tourism and regulatory authorities in the sourcing, securing and execution of opportunities in the region in the fields of equestrian, motor sport, boxing, golf and tennis.

Supporting, and sometimes leading, commercial deal making between rights holders, brands, sponsors, networks and the media, helping to optimise client propositions.

There is a change in consumer demand for both outdoor and indoor, interactive, adventure and the extreme sport sector.  We advise government and quasi government entities, global companies and industry disruptors on the solutions that work with their health, wellbeing, education, tourism and sporting objectives.




We work with the only hotel group with a presence on all seven continents, their subsidiary enterprises in conservation, development, education, management, marketing and their global strategic hotel partnership.


We advise governments and government investment authorities on the opportunities available in the sector that aligns with both their development objectives the GDP contribution for tourism.


We work with one of the regions largest hotel brands to provide content, opportunity and brand positioning identifying tourism drivers and differentiators both regionally and internationally.



Qantara is known for its corporate consultancy support, advising boards and committees, the professional services sector and enterprises that contribute to national life.  We are committed to the growth of a business, to start ups, to business expansion and fund raising and to business looking for the perfect market position.

Clients include law firms, tech companies, sports authorities, luxury goods brands, hotel groups, real estate companies, governments on their time critical mandates and the growing pool of ambitious Arab entrepreneurs.



The retail industry is underdoing tremendous change in the region. Increasing ecommerce penetration and the continued strengthening of brand direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies and new business models, demographic shifts and renewed spending priorities, highly informed and empowered consumers, rapidly evolving technologies, and massive restructuring of major legacy channel segments are all creating major disruption.

Retailers partner with us to deliver strategies that drive growth, create competitive advantage, unlock profit and value-creation opportunities, and mitigate risk. Our approach is highly objective and fact-based, understanding the unique franchise, sales and mega mall model that exists in the region.


We work with both private and public-sector companies on the mentoring and vocational training of it employees.  We believe in equipping students, trainees, employees through to CEO level on the critical communication skills, structures, disciplines and industry knowledge that ensures not only a pool of future leaders receive the requisite training but those already charged with management level roles provide valuable insight and training to the up and coming workforce.

Both the UAE and KSA are committed to Emiratization and Saudization initiatives; Qantara works with businesses, specifically in the fields of hotels and hospitality, conservation and environment, entertainment, sport and legal services to provide the vital platforms through vocational, hands-on, life experience-based programs.



Countries, independent Emirates, States and the future leaders charged with continually improving the well-being of their citizens is of vital importance to an economy’s sustainability. Challenged with the impact of globalization, the rapid advances in automation, workforce challenges, the preservation of culture and heritage, those in the public sector need support to tackle and ensure the positive outcomes for their citizens.

Qantara has identified opportunities, sourced and placed experts, advised on business plans, master plans and infrastructure requirements to better equip the public sector in preparation for some of the region’s time critical project deadlines, including EXPO 2020, KSA’s ‘Giga’ projects in 2022, Abu Dhabi’s’ Economic Vision 2030 and KSA’s VISON 2030.

Qantara is committed to projects that have a greater sense of purpose, that contribute to society, that serve to protect the balance between the indigenous population and expatriate community and headline sustainability in their mission.



From Google to Ben & Jerry’s, some of the world’s largest and most profitable corporations have integrated measures to promote good corporate citizenship into their mission statements and business models. But a corporate social responsibility extends beyond monetary donations, volunteerism and in-kind donations of products and services, for Qantara, it is as much about ensuring that the impact of any enterprise contributes to society, that it leaves a lasting legacy as it is about a business plan making sound commercial sense.

Many companies believe they have a responsibility to "give back" to society, we seek to unearth the desire for a business or government to improve the lives of individuals and provide opportunities to fulfil this desire and see to it that this "consciousness" permeates everything they do.


We are proud to work with the MANTIS COLLECTION, their name is the acronym for Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable, this epitomizes our corporate social responsibility goals.