Development is the firms primary practice area.  With 15 years’ experience in the region, the team have taken the definition of business development to another level.  We advise on both internal and external development principles; from performance to image to exposure.


We work with clients on procurement, relationships, RFP’s, brand perception, market opportunities and creative ways to define or re-define your market. We also advise on talent management, attracting, training and retaining talented professionals.



In any assignment our ultimate goal is to create value for our clients on issues of strategic importance to them. Whether this is defining or updating the vision, mission and general strategy or reviewing their 3rd party professional service providers, we start by listening then discussing the possible road map and methodologies moving forward.  ​​


Sector experience includes Legal Services, Retail, Real Estate, Sports, Hotels and Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment, Projects and Community driven initiatives for both the Public and Private sector.



Many of our private sector clients first come to the region on "fact finding" initiatives which is vital for their future success in the region. It is important that where possible we match this investment with valuable insight into the challenges, opportunities and issues that are uniquely relevant to the Middle East.  

This expertise is not only relevant for those entering the market but equally for those established but need to better understand the changes, progress or potential barriers to their current business model. We work with Governments and Sovereign Wealth Funds as they invest in the future of their citizens.



Who your business partners are, what sort of relationship you have with them and how you build your network can dictate the success or failure of a project.   We believe in the power of long-term, trust-based relationships and insight that creates value.  

The teams broad sector expertise provides access to unique connections for you and the business you are in. Building sustainable and productive relationships with our clients is anchored in our business model and is paramount to the success of Qantara in the region.